Nigerian Ambassador to the Netherlands Visit the Dutch Parliament


The newly appointed Nigerian ambassador to the Netherlands Dr. (Mrs) Nimota .N. Akanbi paid an official visit to the Dutch House of Parliament (tweede kamer).

The meeting was put together by the Founder/President of Hope for Niger Delta Campaign Comrade Sunny Ofehe. The ambassador led other embassy diplomatic officials to this historic meeting. In attendance was Mr. N.O. Davies (Head of Chancery), Mr. Manaja Isa (Head of Consular Affairs), Miss Margareth Igbinobaro (Information), Mr. Anthony Ebipador (Secretary) and Miss Aisha Dewa (Secretary). Also present outside the embassy officials was Pastor William Adu and Comrade Sunny Ofehe.

The delegation was met on arrival by Mrs Kathleen Ferrier Christian Democratic Appeal CDA Member of Parliament, spokesperson for International Co-operation and Vice President of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. The purpose of the meeting was to improve bilateral relations between the both countries.

In a close door meeting between the ambassador and her host, the ambassador reiterated Nigeria’s commitment in further strengthening the already existing cordial relations between the two countries. She spoke on the need for the Dutch government to see Nigeria as a save haven for investment. The ambassador spoke on the President Umar Yar’ Adua’s seven point agenda which included the president’s determination to bring peace to the trouble Niger Delta region.

Mrs Kathleen Ferrier thanked the ambassador for the visit and promised to work with her to boost bilateral relations. She also spoke of the Dutch government wiliness to see that peace return to the Niger Delta.

The delegation was taken on a tour of the Parliament building and sat down to observe the debate of the House Plenary Session. The visit was unprecedented because it was the first time any Nigerian ambassador will visit the Dutch House of Parliament.


Comrade Sunny Ofehe


Hope for Niger Delta Campaign

The Netherlands.