Comrade Sunny Ofehe



This story is about a Palestinian immigrant who moved into the US with his parents when he was only 11 year old and was helping his father sell America souvenirs like flags, broaches, t-shirts e.t.c. His most expensive sale was $1. He would drive his fatherís van to downtown Boston every morning and sell from the trunk of the van for the family upkeep.

He was at the same usual spot selling one day when he was approached by a man who asked if he can make the national flags of other countries. This young man answered in the positive affirmative. The man handed his business card to the Palestinian immigrant and told him to call for an appointment. This young man looked at the card and discovered that the man who just left him was an executive director with Coca Cola Company.

This young man quickly called the coca cola chief and they made an appointment. The young man was astound when he got to the office and discovered that the man who had met him on the street was indeed a top executive of the largest soft drink maker in the world. The man told the Palestinian that coca cola is about celebrating their centenary anniversary and they will be inviting representatives from all countries in the world where they have the coca cola brand. The top executive immediately gave this young Palestinian the contract of nearly four hundred thousand dollars ($400,000.00) to produce all the countries flags and other souvenirs.

This young Palestinian was to open his first big office in an imposing edifice office building at the same downtown Boston where he used to sell his souvenirs on the street. He gained more popularity when he secured the contract to supply the White House all the US flags and souvenirs including the broach you saw President George W. Bush wore on the chest of his tailored suits. He is a major supplier of same products to many embassies and international agencies in the US.

In the last quarter of 2001 after September 11, his sales went up to almost four million dollars ($4.000, 000.00) from selling his products to many Americans who wanted to display their solidarity for their country after the terror attacks on US soil.

Lessons to Learn!

What will a top executive chief be doing on the street of Massachussets asking a street hawker if he can meet the demand of a big multinational soft drink giant when he can sit in the comfort of his office and use the internet or Yellow Pages to get the services of an equally bigger firm to handle the contract? His time came and the breakthrough needed to go to him and what followed became a testimony.

In 1987 a Nigerian who lived in the US for more than a decade struggling to earn a living went out one Saturday evening with the only five dollars in his wallet. On his way back home knowing that he had nothing to meet at home, decided to walk into a pub and drink with all the money he has.

He drank until he was sure his money has been exhausted. When he paid the bar attendee, he was told he still has a change of $1.20 left. The attendee didnít have the change and he asked other customers for change but all to no avail. He came back to the Nigerian and said he couldnít get change. As the Nigeria was about to leave and forgo his change, the bar attendee told him they sell lot for the state lottery and it cost a dollar per lot. Instead of walking out without the change, the attendee sold him a lot from his change.

Few hours after he left the pub, the lot became the Jackpot price and this hitherto pauper Nigerian became the Jackpot winner of Thirty Six million dollars ($36.000, 000.00)! This is a man who has never played lottery all his life. This is what you will call "rag to riches"

Lessons to Learn!

Can you imagine a busy pub not being able to raise $1.20 change and nobody in the pub was able to come up with the change? His time had come and God needed to make sure the change doesnít come otherwise there will be no need for the lot to be sold to him.

My Advice

There is a reason why you are going through what you may call calamity. I will advise you to be patient and endure the hard times because your time is coming or may already be here. The two examples above tell you what could happen when your time comes.

I donít believe anyone is behind your ordeal. I want you to see your moment of trials as a preparatory period that is leading up to your "When your time comes". Have a great week ahead of you and look out for what I have for you next week.



Other stories of the week


A renowned and popular pastor in the United State started his ministry with a small congregation and prayed believing God for massive expansion of his church and congregation.  He kept on praying with his wife and his little 10 year old son.

One day he woke up after having a dream where God spoke to him and told him that his Ministry will grow throughout the US. He woke his wife and they both started thanking God for his revelation. That morning they prepared their son for school. When they got back home filled with the excitement of Godís revelation they started worshiping God that morning.

At midday, they got a call from their sonís school that a hit and run vehicle had hit their son while playing with his school mates outside. Their only son had been confirmed dead! The news shattered the family and they quickly ran to the school and their greatest fear was confirmed. They had lost their only son on the day God gave them a revelation that their ministry was going to expand.

The wife turned to the husband for explanation but there was none readily available. The question in their mind was, God why didnít you reveal this to us? Why did you let this happened on the day we are still thanking you for answering our prayers of church growth? Is this the work of Satan to kill our joy? Where do we go from here after losing our only child?

The man was quick to take heart and began to thank God for what has happened. The burial of the child was prepared and the whole school gathered in the school auditorium to pay their last respect to their friend. The whole community was astounded and moved with emotion, they all turned out and the local media was not left out.

The ceremony ended with the father giving his son a farewell speech. The pastor eulogizes the virtues of his son and spoke like he has never spoken in all his oratory life. There was silence in the house and he made them understand that death was part of Godís plan for us all. He left everyone stunned and they couldnít believe that a man who lost his only child could speak with such courage and confidence.

The local television station aired the pastorís speech and other television networks followed suit. The powerful speech of the pastor stunned the whole country and within a week they received overwhelming messages from people who were so touched with his amazing speech. His speech became a healing to many who had lost loved ones.

The pastor started receiving invitations to speak in schools and public functions. He used the opportunity to spread Godís message and wherever he went, he got volunteers who were ready to start his ministry for him in their own communities and cities. In less than a year, the pastorís ministry had spread throughout the United State of America.

Lessons to learn:

God gave him revelation and that revelation tested his faith. The revelation came to pass because his faith never quivered. I donít know what you are going through right now but I want you to believe that you trial moments are preparatory platforms for your miracle. Just hold on and wait for your testimony which can only come if you donít give up. God bless you!